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Have Small Rooms? Create an Illusion of More Space

Do you have a small room or rooms that you’d like to seem larger? One solution is to de-clutter the space. But if you’re not prepared to toss out your grandmother’s antique furniture, it might be time to try some decorating tips that will help you make the best use of the space.

Here are some solutions to not only maximize the space you have, but also to give it a larger feel.

Go Lighter …

Paint walls light or pale colors.

… But Don’t Be Boring

Adding bold accents with varying patterns, prints and colors can deflect thoughts that a space is small. This is an area in which to experiment.

Go Brighter

Think recessed lighting, inexpensive wall sconces and standard or solar-tube-like skylights instead of table or floor lamps.

Go Vertical

Extend cabinets, wall units and bookshelves to the ceiling. This applies to kitchen cabinets as well.

Utilize Wall Space

Place hooks and magnetic strips on walls in the kitchen and elsewhere and use them to get pots, pans and other objects off tables and counters.

Group Your Knick-knacks

If you can’t part with your special collection, you can group them together to create empty spaces on tabletops and shelves. This neutral space gives your eyes a place to rest and creates the illusion of more space.

Size Matters

Measure your space and furniture before any purchase. Couches designed to hug walls are a great way to open up a room, and armless couches and chairs can create the illusion of space. Floor cushions are a good alternative to create seating without adding more furniture and can be easily stored when not in use.

Watch Your Angles

Furniture that sticks out at the wrong angle in a small room can draw the eye and make it appear even smaller.

Find and Utilize Hidden Spaces

Evaluate every room, closet, drawer, nook and cranny to see how your small space can best be utilized. Choose furniture that comes with built-in organizing inserts, drawers and compartments. The space under sinks is seldom used to full advantage and is a good place to add storage.

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